If you’ve been out catching a bite and something’s GRRRRRRAB’d your ear, then mission accomplished. 🚀

In 2022 Grab approached us with a mission to create a Sonic Logo that would help them solve a serious problem. GrabFood merchants were often missing the generic ‘ping’ used for new orders, letting orders sit for several minutes before realising that one had come in. This lead to delays, often creating a ripple effect where delivery-partners and, eventually, consumers had longer wait times.

We teamed up with GrabIndonesia to craft a Sonic Logo that would not only solve this, but would simultaneously represent their uniquely playful yet purpose driven persona, boosting brand recall across their wide range of touchpoints.

The Sonic Logo opens with a brightly harmonised vocal that establishes a playful tone and immediately locks in the brand name. Having a human component upfront was key to ensuring this sound stood out among many other digital notification sounds. By emphasising the “R”, we created a localised anchor point that gives the Sonic an added sense of relatability & playfulness. The super distinct “Woop Woop” ending cue acts as an ownable auditory mnemonic that doubles down on the joyful to

The primary melodic interval used in the Sonic resembles the familiar tune heard in many doorbells, creating a feeling of arrival and warmth that aligns perfectly with the brand’s focus on delivery and transportation services. Moreover, the sound used for this melody bears a resemblance to the resonance produced by striking an Anklung, a well-known Indonesian instrument popular across Asia.

We didn’t stop there, because we created various variations including a a truncated version for use cases where length , as well as brandless variation for a less direct approach that uses a unique vocal “vroooooom’ in place of the brand name.

Grab started rolling out the new order notification sound with version 4.60 of the GrabMerchant app, and it’s now available across the region.