With less than 200 left in the wild, the endangerment of Malayan tigers is an issue that clearly needs more attention, and nothing turns heads more than a powerful music anthem.

To support WWF’s sports-themed “Score For Tigers” campaign, Leo Burnett approached us to produce a song to lead the campaign and provide a voice for the organization to reach out and connect to the public. The campaign focuses on leveraging the “Score For Tigers” anthem in a series of TikTok challenges kick-started by the National Malaysian Football team and several local celebrities.

We began by experimenting with several musical renditions based on keywords and touchpoints provided by Leo Burnett, each of which leveraged a slightly different musical direction. After a few weeks of exchanging ideas and sculpting the production, we landed on a musical style and structure that best complemented the campaign and its widespread ambitions.


You’ve cheered for your favourite teams. But now, it’s your turn to play defence for Harimau Malaya. Join the #ScoreForTigers challenge.

♬ original sound – WWF-Malaysia – WWF-Malaysia

“Every sporting event needs an anthem. We knew it had to stand out from the clutter, yet convey the strong message of protecting our tigers. Two AM were game from day one, they took our guide lyrics and came back with a really infectious tune, especially the Harimau Malaya chorus”, said Iska Hashim, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Malaysia.

The track features a unique combination of exotic live percussion and a jiving bassline that keeps your feet tapping. With the constant momentum from the driving groove, hints of cheeky staccato brass lines create a familiar football and stadium-esque flavour that leans perfectly into the basis of the campaign.

To ensure the track was both locally authentic and relatable to the current Malaysian music trends, we worked closely with local rap star Bunga, her producer Amzar Razqa, and popular Malaysian singer Kucaimars. They brought a super special dimension to the project through their performances, but having them onboard ultimately set the foundation for the strength and solidity of the lyrical message.

“This was my first time shooting a music video and recording my vocals remotely. I thought it was going to be difficult, but it ended up being really fun and exciting. Many thanks to the team at WWF for allowing me to be part of the campaign spreading important information about the endangerment of our Malayan tigers”, said songwriter and rapper Bunga.

The entire creative process was carried out remotely during Malaysia’s recent Enhanced Movement Control Order. From bedroom recordings through video calls, to sharing ideas in group chats, the restrictions didn’t hinder the creative momentum, but in fact spurred on something real and special.

“Working remotely and relying on what everyone had at their disposal was more of a wholesome factor than anything to be honest. It’s great to show that people coming together and truly connecting while collaborating is what makes the difference, and that you don’t need the best equipment or perfect conditions to create something people can truly resonate with”, said Oliver Stutz, Executive Creative Director, Two AM Music.

Shortly after its initial TikTok release, the single titled “Score for Tigers” by “Harimau Malaya” (which directly translates to Malayan tiger) was released on Spotify and Apple Music, followed by an at-home style music video to push the reach.

With a surge in TikTok views and a lovingly warm response from the public, everyone hopes to see the campaign thrive and continue to generate awareness for the cause and these beautiful creatures.


Music Production, Direction & Coordination: Two AM Music
Agency: Leo Burnett Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Iska Hashim
Creative Group Head: David HK Tan
Copywriter: Vickknesh Raj
Copywriter: Amin Sharipuddin
Art Director: Stephanie Chiew Li
Account Director: Fitrina Tuty Zaini
Account Manager: Winnie Cheong
AV Producer: Nigel Pinto
Music Video Director: Fara Ghazali
Composition & Song Writing: Bunga, Amzar Razqa & Sek Hao Ho (Two AM Music)
Performers: Bunga & Kucaimars