Bandai Namco - Spaceboy

Bandai Namco


IPC - Little Big Xmas


Little Big Xmas

Coway - Dreamer In The Deep


Dreamer In The Deep

Pahang State Government  - Pahang Tourism

Pahang State Government

Pahang Tourism

Mercedes-Benz - CNY 2021


CNY 2021

TikTok - Merdeka



Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, our KL studio is hidden within a Ghibli-esque bungalow surrounded by lush greenery and tropical air. Founded in 2002, the studio has been the foundation of countless scores and famous cocktail parties.


Diving Into A New Virtual World With Superunion

The Revolutionary Road is much more than a special project to us. Created and built by our talented friends Superunion, these unique digital spaces act as their homebase and allow their team across the world to come together and interact with one another. Inspired by the idea of a ‘creative revolution’, the Revolutionary Road takes you on a journey from the ‘Room of Roots’, a space of inspiration and the foundation of ideas, through to the ‘Forest of the Unseen’, an environment representing sparkling ideas that are yet to be shown to the world, and finally, into the ‘Canopy of the Infinite’, a world that represents their limitless potential and boundless possibilities. Sprinkled through these rooms one can even find hidden rooms with unexpected designs both visually and sonically.

Much like kids in a candy store, our KL team couldn’t hold back when bringing these mind-boggling spaces to life through immersive music & sound. Each space is coupled with uniquely abstract atmospheres and unconventional musical tapestries that lean into their visual tone and ideation.

“We’re proud to be able to support the Superunion team who were very receptive with our sonic exploration and discoveries”, said Kit Kuan Leong, Sound Supervisor.

This virtual experience was recognised at the 2022 Lovie Awards, the most prestigious European awards programme honoring online excellence and the best of the Internet.

Have a peep here: https://portal.superunion.co