Introducing the new sound of CelcomDigi

Celcom and Digi, two major players in the Malaysian telco industry, have been at the forefront of innovation for years. Their networks have brought people together across generations, making them household names throughout the country, and it’s safe to say that the merger of these two giants to form a single entity is undoubtedly a significant development.

To solidify this massive merger, the newly unified telco giant has revealed a completely new look and feel, everything from a new visual logo to a fully redesigned corporate identity. Together with this redesign came the opportunity to not only reinvent the brand from a visual perspective, but to redefine its voice and create a foundational sonic identity that will be used to connect with consumers and significantly boost brand recognition. An opportunity that we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of. Meet the new sound of CelcomDigi, an electrifying melodic voice that will resonate with Malaysians for many years to come.

Together with the new visual overhaul, the Sonic Logo carries a unique electric tonality that ignites the passion of CelcomDigi, conveying its radiating energy, constant innovation, and commitment to “creating a world inspired by You”.

A magnetic synth outlines the new four-note melody, a flexible motif that can be adapted into all shapes and sizes, allowing the brand’s DNA to be carried into any future audio assets. To further strengthen brand connection, the melody is crafted with a pitch contour that mimics the natural inflection of the word “CelcomDigi”, organically sparking the brand name in the mind of listeners.

In partnership with Design Bridge & Partners, we worked closely with the CelcomDigi team to ensure their audio identity accurately reflects their vision for the future while remaining distinctive, memorable, and versatile. Whether it’s heard in isolation, or as an interpolation within a longer piece of music, the Sonic Logo is designed to create an emotional connection with listeners, and to reinforce brand connection with customers across all touch points.

“As more and more brands recognise the power of audio, we’re excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the movement towards sound-focused marketing. The team is super passionate about creating uniquely impactful sonic identities that help brands communicate their values through audio, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be involved with the new sound of CelcomDigi” – Oliver Stutz.

Introduction is everything, and that’s where the Sonic Soundscape and 3D animation comes in. With Design Bridge & Partners at the hand of the visuals, we crafted the sonic journey that takes us through the formation of the brand’s unifying energy, building a red carpet of anticipation to set the stage for the grand reveal.

So what do people think so far? See for yourself. 

You can find the new CelcomDigi melody almost everywhere across social media right now, as members of the community create their own interpretation of the sonic in participation of a new brand campaign. The competition allows anyone to recreate the melody in any way they like, be it simple humming, through an instrumental performance, or even remixed to form a full musical production. Participants can then upload their renditions using the hashtag #AWorldInspiredByYou & #CelcomDigi for a chance to win an array of prizes. Engaging with the community is a fantastic way for the brand to introduce the new melody, while ultimately also staying true to the brand spirit of “Creating a world inspired by You.”