A deeper dive into the music behind “Mkhuzi: The Spirit Racer”, a Disney+ Original.

In a realm where the threads of African culture intertwine with a Science Fiction narrative, the musical essence of this universe should too be crafted to mirror the distinct influences that shape it.

Mkhuzi: The Spirit Racer, is an animated short film part of an African anthology series titled Kizazi Moto. Kizazi Moto, or Generation Fire, aims to showcase exceptional talent and creativity across Africa. Ten teams present original narratives that explore futuristic technology, mystical realms, and never-seen-before journeys.

Mkhuzi, the second episode in the series, leverages a breathtaking story that takes place in Soweto, South Africa, in the year 2055. This unique combination of anime inspired action, cultural influences, and futuristic setting, come together to create a special potion of ingredients that inspired the film’s one-of-a-kind original soundtrack.

The score features several themes that define the characters, outline the world, and support the breathtaking story arc of Manzo on his quest to discover the depths of his inner spirit. From huge vocal productions built on African harmonies, to thumping electronic basslines and high energy J-rock anthems, the compositions tap into new territories and come together to form a fresh musical tapestry that drives the film.

“Discovering and creating the musical world for Mkhuzi was more than just a special experience. We’re always hunting for opportunities that push us into new places of experimentation and we really wanted to share that excitement”, said Oliver Stutz.

Check out “The Sound Of Mkhuzi” and discover the magic behind the music. Explore what went into the Score & Sound Design, the challenges the team faced, and how they shaped the sonic storytelling for Manzo’s journey.

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