Experimental house duo Haiku Haiku release their debut single Owan Yama, a coming-together of Sean Ross’ electronic production prowess and Caley Garden’s classical music expertise. Owan Yama takes the listener through an introspective exploration of light and shadow; finding moments of hope, solace, and elation amongst pressing disquiet and unrest. Live strings are woven into a digital architecture to create a broad, nostalgic, and uplifting soundscape.

“It creates a paradoxical feeling of melancholy and nostalgia, which is both heavy and light at the same time. I think a lot of people are feeling that at the moment. We want our music to hold some relatability, while offering hope and comfort”, says Sean.

Durban-raised Sean Ross has been part of the Two AM Music composer family for over two years now. He may be classically trained but his wild obsession for experimental electronic music puts a fresh spin across all his musical concoctions. Having produced for some of South Africa’s finest musicians (Moonchild Sanelly, Mx Blouse, Red Robyn, and Bye Beneco), Ross is no stranger to spicing things up and bending the trends.

The duo hopes to soon be able to offer their listeners the live experience of full string quartet and live electronic elements, a unique set-up in the South African music scene.



Composition, String arrangement, and 1st Violin: Caley Garden
Composition, Production, Mix, and Master: Sean Ross
Cello Performance: Lynne Donson
2nd Violin Performance: Ruby Mae Ayliffe
Viola Performance: Sam Smith
Album Artwork: Gabriella Achadinha
DOP: Megan Nelson
Stills: Michelle Drake