John Withers

Team - John Withers

John is a composer, performer, and musicologist based in Cape Town. His work in film, theatre, television, and games, demonstrates his broad range of musical skills centered around playful genre-blending and cross-cultural engagement. In 2010, John formed his musical alter ego John WIzards, a group that is considered one of the most legendary South African … Read more

Prisca Leong

Team - Prisca

The sweet sound of rich harmony paired with intricate orchestral sections, tossed with a sprinkle of contemporary flakes showcases Prisca’s deep orchestration prowess. With her vast Piano performance experience she puts out a one-of-a-kind liveliness in her scores that takes her storytelling to new heights. Yes she’s in the studio most of the time composing, … Read more

Nicolas Stackhouse

Team - Nicolas Stackhouse

Get comfy and whip out that popcorn! Nicolas’s rich cinematic scores bring a new dimension to storytelling. Born and raised in Ottawa Canada, Nicolas has been composing and experimenting with music production since the age of 14. His emotive signature sound is often filled with unusually rare live instrumentation that leaves a special flare on … Read more

Brandon Lau

Brandon Lau is an LA-based music composer with an exceptional skill in producing slick, smashing trailer scores. His punchy mixes and hard-hitting braams may just knock you off your seat! After graduating in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, Brandon leveraged his profound sound design experience and began his pursuit in the world of … Read more

Sek Hao Ho

Team - Sek Hao Ho

Producing, songwriting, vocal coaching, and front-lining for his indie-pop band ‘RESORT’ are just a few of the many tricks Sek Hao has up his ninja sleeves. With a unique knack for blending live instrumentation and slick pop production, this guy’s sonic versatility opens new doors. When he’s not in the studio, you’ll most likely find … Read more

Adrienne Yong

Team - Adriene Yong

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Professional Music from Wolverhampton UK, Adrienne adds her own incredible touch in classical and traditional compositions with her skills on keys and years of experience. She’s a composer by day, and gamer by night.

Adriane Palikat

Team - Adrianne Palikat

A multi-instrumentalist with drums at the forefront, Adriane is a graduate of ASWARA and The Collective School of Music, New York. She has performed at several notable NYC venues such as The Lincoln Centre, The Blue Note, and throughout the United States at prominent festivals including the South By SouthWest (SXSW) Festival. She’s also shared … Read more