Bells are ringing, snow’s falling, and a furry friend is in need of a new home.

Back in 2018 before we had our heads twisted in the pandemic tumble, we came across the original Ai & Aiko film online. We loved everything about it—the aesthetic, the story, and most of all, the beautiful character development. Little did we know, in 2021, we’d be approached to not only score and design the sound for their long-awaited Christmas sequel, but also be given the opportunity to become a partner in the film’s ownership!

As audio nerds, telling a story through sound is in many ways everything. Animation projects in particular take this to the extreme, as there is nothing to reference to, no original sound, no voices, just a blank sonic canvas… and that’s what makes them special. Nothing gets us more pumped than the opportunity presented by a once silent world just waiting to be heard (I promise we have lives).

When it came to the production, we were crazy in sync and everything just kinda unraveled the way we wanted it to. We loved what we saw, and both Peter & Nicholas loved what they heard. Creative freedom was in full swing, which honestly played a huge part in the momentum behind the project.

The film premiered on Oxford Street in London with a very warm response, and was also featured on a few trending social accounts, leading to some great exposure.

Need a dose of good vibes? Get comfy and curl up to Ai & Aiko’s heartwarming adventure. We hope it makes you smile like we did while working on it.


Created by Peter Draw
A film by HappWhy Brands
Produced and Directed by Moog Studio
Music & Sound Design by Two AM Music
Animation Support by Quadimension Studio


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