This month marks the release of “Yggdrasil”, a showcase animation project by Bandai Namco Malaysia that aims to break new barriers in graphical realism. From its mysterious beginnings, the film immediately draws you in by forming a deep connection with the main character through his cracked lips, dirt-crusted skin, and a multitude of facial expressions, while he explores the strangely vibrant ancient temple ruins that surround him. These incredibly compelling graphics demand the same level of sonic fidelity, and the team couldn’t be more pumped to whip out their history books and get lost in a Nordic-themed score and hyper-realistic soundscape.

With a heavy focus on traditional nordic instrumentation and ethnic melody lines, we wanted to lead the viewer into the world of ancient vikings and their infamous battle traditions. Musical authenticity aside, spicing things up with a modern twist was a way for us to bring a new level of impact to the score, which explains the massive wave of thumping musical force that unexpectedly hits you when the story’s final turning point is revealed (don’t worry, no spoilers here).

While Yggdrasil called for a delicate balance between realistic foley and supercharged fictional sound design, the film’s intricate and dark cinematic nature makes a complete u-turn from “Tom Majors”, our previous collaboration with Bandai Namco Malaysia last year. Where the soundtrack for Yggdrasil swings you through many different permutations of despair, curiosity, and impending doom, “Tom Majors” instead aims to awaken a passion for play, exploration, and an unfettered childish determination.

When it came to Tom Majors, we knew it was completely different from anything we’d tackled before. The listeners had to feel truly nostalgic and relive the memories of getting lost for hours in their imagination as kids. We knew that the music needed to relate to the vibrant stylized visuals and synthwave influences from the 80’s, but at the same time, it needed to be flexible enough to drive a fast paced film filled with crazy action scenes and contrasting emotional moments. This dilemma however, is actually what enabled us to create something fresh and unique. After tons of experimentation and exploration, we landed on a hybrid synthwave orchestral piece that features a rare mix-up of classic 80’s synths, drums, and FX, all working in harmony with live classical orchestral elements. These opportunities to push boundaries and flip things upside down are one of the many reasons we always look forward to collaborating with the team at Bandai Namco Malaysia.

" Two AMへの発注も既に3年目となりますが、いつも楽しみながら、かつ、情熱を持って制作に取り組んでくれて感謝しかありません。どんな作風にも合わせてくれるので、非常に頼もしく感じています。”

Translation: “It’s been 3 years since we started working with Two AM. We always look forward to collaborating and at the same time we can only express gratitude as they always approach work with great passion. They are able to meet our needs no matter the style, and it gives us great confidence to work with them. "

-Yosuke Naito - Chief Operating Officer - Bandai Namco Malaysia



Director: Anson Ng Lee Ming
Co-Director: Shawn Poh Theng Hon
Supervisors: Yosuke Naito, Adrian Colin Pave’e
Project Manager: Ng Hui Rong
Concept Artists: Saifful Johan Foo, Nasrul Hakim
Character Artists: Nabila Nariswari Safitri, Singgih Kuncoro, Tan Yi Da, Keok Rui Cong
Environment Artists: Nelson Ng Wei Hong, Sung Pei Sun, Oscar Yip Chun Tung, Wong Min Xin, Jacky Sim Zhao Xu
Animators: Chan Ken Neth, Wong Yew Chung, Loi Heng Yeap, Muhamad Izzat Afifi Bin Yasin
VFX Artists: Shawn Poh Theng Hon, Lovina Adriani
UE4 Tech Artists: Anson Ng Lee Ming (Raytracing/lighting), Nelson Ng Wei Hong (Setup)
Editor: Anson Ng Lee Ming
Music & Sound: Two AM Music Global


Director: Anson Ng Lee Ming
Art Supervisor: Nasrul Hakim Bin Mohamad
Concept Artists: Nasrul Hakim Bin Mohamad, Nur’Ain Binti Shariffuddin
Character Supervisor: Aaron Wong Kher Wei
Character Artists: Loo Hew Tung, Felicia, Clarissa Regina Wantouw
Environment Supervisor: Kok Chen Yong
Environment Artists: Hansel Febrianto, Woo Mun Kein
Environment Lookdev: Hugo Thung Hui Hong
Animation Supervisor: Chan Ken Neth
Animators : Julian Chai Ee Chern (Lead), Alexander Rei Apollo
Cinematic Artist: Anson Ng Lee Ming
Project Managers: Sarah Looi Sing Wei, Chow Ling Huan
Project Supervisor: Ng Hui Rong
Character Rigger: Plabon Bhattacharya
Music & Sound: Two AM Music Global