Seeing this film for the first time, we couldn’t help but gravitate towards the interplay between symbols of cultural heritage interwoven with the dazzle of modernity. That said, we decided to focus on sonic signposts that ground the soundscape in traditionality, while simultaneously forming a journey where elements blend together in an abstract and pointedly modern way. How often do you get to hear traditional soundscapes melt into a driving and inspiring electro? Perhaps not often enough.

With visuals that so expertly capture the most nuanced moments of human connection, we knew we had to create a score with a resonance to match, a task deeply set in mood management and precise timing. Did you catch how the strum of the harp strings matched the neon strings of the stadium? Or the drum when the Mahjong tile hits the table? Each shot lent us a new sonic opportunity, helping us weave a journey of nostalgic longing, playful anticipation, and ultimately, to the nature of the festive season—that is ecstatic celebration.


Client: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: PUBLICIS Groupe
Market Accelerator Lead: Dean Bramham
Account Director: JoAnne Clark
Account Director: Thrish Thavabalan
Senior Account Executive: Stephanie Tan
Head of AV & Digital Content: Jennifer Hendroff
Senior AV Producer: Phoenix Tham
Global Creative Director: Andy Daly
Creative Director: Denise Tai
Copywriter: Darren Silva
Art Director: Shazana Ibrahim
Production House: Hot Pictures
Director: iClaudius
DOP: Jeffrey Ang
Editor: Johnny Chua
Colorist: Jing Ooi / Meccanica
Online: Moon Chong
Music & Sound: Two AM Music