Sweet treats incoming! Introducing our friends Kulfi Collective, a coming-of-age modern media network on a mission to make the world wide web a brighter place, one meaningful story at a time.

When it comes to audio branding, just like visual or any other form of branding, there can be endless angles, concepts, and scopes to look through. Magnifying glasses aside, we always aim to put a special emphasis on the first core and primary principle that we like to call “Embedded Recognition”. It’s a simple concept really, the idea that two things can be uniquely different, each with their own set of characteristics, but simultaneously leverage traits that unmistakably link them together.

Let’s take a series of ice creams for comparison (yeap we love food). You could have three completely different flavors each with a distinct taste, but tie them together with a uniquely shaped signature mold, and you’ve got yourself three pieces of the same pie, different yes, but different as one.

The Kulfi collective comprises of three companies, each specializing in a specific area of production—Supari Studios, Post Office, & Keeda Media. This is where the fun kicked in, we needed to clearly convey that these verticals all lived under Kulfi’s roof, but also operated in different areas.

Aiming to establish a solid branding foundation, we created a series of audio components catering to the various brand media assets, starting of course with their sonic logos. Each vertical, as well as the collective itself, had its own logo animation, which was great to compose and design alongside, as the visuals lent us loads of ideas and inspiration. With our imaginations charged, the team built four sonic logos, each tugging at the respective companies’ personality, while maintaining connection through the memorable core melodic motif.

To tie it all together, we produced a brand theme for their series of launch videos.
The cooky electronic thumper aims to kick off the mood and tone of what the entire collective is about, tying into the idea of contemporary digital trends that develop at an entirely new pace.

Check these guys out, it’s definitely just the beginning for the talented family over at Kulfi.